UGA Capital Ventures

Posted by:  Tony
Date:  May 26, 2022

We are well into rebranding the Advantage Co as UGA Capital Ventures.  This rebranding is important because it allows us to better define who we are and what we are building.  

UGA Capital Ventures   I   Introduction
By 1991, I recognized that I no longer wanted to run a business.  The Stereo Advantage, which I had launched in 1978, had become a successful enterprise, but I was uncomfortable with my role.  In 1993, I began a decisive career change in order to focus on building independently owned and operated businesses.  My motivation for building such a variety of partnerships was, and remains, my desire to do different things with an eclectic mix of visionary builders.  

David Ogilvy once said, “If you hire people smaller than you, you will have a company of dwarfs; but, if you hire people bigger than you, you will have a company of giants.”  This is even more true about partners.  Fortunately, our partnership model has proven to be very successful over the past 30 years – and today, this model has come to fruition as UGA Capital Ventures with our remarkable portfolio of independently owned and operated partnerships. 

“Our partnership certainly has worked well for me as it approaches 30 years on September 3, 2023.  I gave a speech years ago at the University of Buffalo, and someone asked me what our partnership model was.  I told a story I’ve often recounted.  Tony and I were at Brennan’s Bowery Bar in the summer of 1993 after a round of golf.  We had been discussing a possible staffing partnership, and I said, “I’m in 50/50.  Let’s shake hands.”  Tony replied, “51/49, and you’re the 51 percent majority partner.  Frank can do up our partnership agreement.”  I immediately responded, “Ok great, see you on September 3rd.”  Once I got started, I memorably asked,  “What is our secretary’s name?  I have a few letters that need to get typed.”  Of course, I soon learned I’d be typing my own letters and learning how important the ‘Save’ button was.”  –  Joe Kreuz, Founding Partner of AP Professionals

UGA Capital Ventures   I   Who We Are
UGA Capital Ventures advises our portfolio of companies on a full range of liquidity transactions ranging from early-stage growth capitalization [which blends the best elements of venture capital and private equity] to a minority sale to a majority recapitalization with a financial sponsor.  Additionally, UGA has the resources to structure, when desired, the most advantageous exit, whether it be a full sale to a financial or strategic acquirer, a merger, or an IPO.  

With expertise and investments in data management, cloud architecture, cyber security, software development, professional services, social benefit, beauty and wellness, property management, and food services, UGA Capital Ventures is uniquely positioned to help produce significant financial returns and meaningful social impact for each of our portfolio companies [along with the fulfillment of their founder’s vision].   

Our UGA mission is to provide the vision, resources, and confidence necessary to enable the development of our portfolio of independently owned and operated businesses as a rewarding experience for those willing to take the full measure of the challenge.  Building real value in a business is not easy, but it is certainly rewarding.

Battery Attached
The key to launching a dynamic partnership starts with being in sync with the founding partner’s ambition.  But the success of any UGA partnership has always been dependent on having a visionary partner who is not only an expert in the business but, most importantly, the battery attached.  

Power is the ability to initiate and sustain action, translating intention into reality – and without the core power that the visionary partner provides, there is no energy source.  

Without the energetic engagement and inspiring leadership of the visionary partner, there is absolutely no chance of success.  As we look back on all of our really successful partnerships, we have been fortunate to have been engaged with several magnetic and energetic partners who understand the basic premise that defines leadership in UGA’s portfolio of companies: Leadership is the ability to create an environment where people are motivated to give 100% effort toward the desired result.  

Continuous Development & Renewal
In order to bring a visionary partner’s ideas and concepts to life and, more importantly, to continue their ever-changing and dynamic growth, it is UGA’s responsibility to build and support a flexible matrix for each business that enables, encourages, and ensures ongoing paradigm shifts through the simple restructuring of elements providing maximum speed to benefit and market ascendancy.

We never agreed with the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” adage.  At UGA, we believe that if it is working, we can still make it work better [because the competition is definitely working on something better].  For us, the challenge remains to always stay ahead of the competition by continuously renewing who we are.  In our technology partnerships, UGA helped Tom and John to bring value to Autonomic Resources by changing our vanguard FedCLOUD into a FedRAMP product instead of a service and to Capax by splitting it into Capax Global LLC and Capax Discovery LLC [now Zantaz EAS LLC].  Unfortunately, renewal often frustrates those who simply do not want to change.   

In the early years of the Stereo Advantage, we remodeled the entire store every February.  We built buildings, rooms, walls, counters, offices, or displays only to tear them down as soon as we recognized we could [and should] build something better.  And while this disruptive approach can be disconcerting, it continues to stoke the fire within and accelerate our growth. 

UGA Capital Ventures   I   Portfolio
At UGA Capital Ventures, we learn from the past, live in the present, and build for the future.  The past provides us with precious memories, moments, and a building block for the future.  

The present is here to both challenge us and provide enjoyment [and neither meeting the challenge nor enjoying the moment should ever be delayed until tomorrow].  The future provides us with the promise of what we can be.  Fortunately, the future of UGA Capital Ventures provides us with more promise than ever before. 

The profile below of our UGA portfolio of businesses starts with our 10 Tech lineup of independently owned and operated technology companies.  Be big, be a builder.

Information Technology [10 Tech]
At 10 Tech [which is just an internal name we use for easy reference], our 10 independently owned and operated IT companies are PremCloud Resources, Data Connect + Detect, Zantaz EAS [formerly Capax Discovery LLC], Zovy Cloud, Arcivium for Azure, c1 Secure, c1 Advantage, FedCloud Resources, UnBiasIt, and Fortified Law Data Resources.  

  1. PremCloud Resources LLC
    As an independently owned and operated company of the UGA Capital Ventures portfolio, PremCloud Resources provides the foundation for our worldwide IT business development and support.  When it comes to delivering our world-class IT resources, the deciding factor in their efficacy relies on PremCloudTM to assure secure and reliable performance.  That’s what Powered by PremCloud is all about.  

Our advanced PremCloud Resources speak directly to the strategic versatility of our various data archiving alternatives along with the appropriate data management solutions and services we provide our clients starting with our Proprietary Purpose-Built Data Stacks.  PremCloud Resources offers our clients the most advantageous data management resources based on a number of criteria specific to each engagement.  

  1. Zovy Cloud LLC
    Zovy Cloud is a combination of the original Zovy we acquired plus HPCA, ZIDOL, and a variety of new technologies built specifically for the Zovy Archive by PremCloud Resources.

    Zovy Cloud delivers cost-effective customer experiences through our unique cloud-based hosted distribution and delivery services, taking the burden off our customers to properly identify, manage, secure, and access all data and regulated electronic correspondence in all data forms.  

“The Zovy Cloud was built utilizing advanced capabilities which allow us to archive data more effectively than anyone else in the world, while our Zovy Archive is the premier hosted data archiving solution in the marketplace.”  –  Eric Carpenter, Zovy CCO

Zovy Cloud continues to provide its own Zovy Data Stack featuring new connect and detect technologies to go along with their current archive solutions for legacy HPCA, Nearpoint, and Zovy Archive users.  We are looking forward to launching ZIDOL as an IDOL services resource.  Additionally, Zovy will be building on UnBiasIt’s Racial Bias Alert [Supervisor].  And there might be life in Z Hub.

With our combination of proven HPCA profitability, industry-leading cloud architecture, top tier proof-of-concept customer base, outstanding reputation with our teaming partners, breadth of hosted SaaS platform opportunities, and growth-focused management and technical teams, Zovy Cloud presents a compelling investment opportunity for a strategic partner in order to augment an existing business or as a platform for a market-leading growth strategy.  Most importantly, Zovy Cloud has been a pandemic-proof operation that continues to grow and deliver results even during this period of chaos.  

  1. Zantaz EAS LLC
    Zantaz EAS will pursue maximizing its current revenue stream with our legacy accounts as well as building a stronger account base through the development of a white-label and value-added reseller network [It is estimated that nearly 90% of enterprises using Gartner-recognized archiving software are deploying outdated versions].  Our immediate goal is to continue to grow our EAS Support & Maintenance revenue.
  1. Arcivium for Azure LLC
    Arcivium for Azure is being created to be the most ascendant solution for the demands of secure data archiving in conjunction with Microsoft.  This pursuit dates back to 2017, and it is fortunate that the opportunity has not been lost because of our delay in developing Arcivium for Azure.

By creating Arcivium for Azure with PremCloud Resources, we will have a new company with Azure-hosted solutions based on our proprietary software.  This is a very important consideration when creating equity value and flexibility.  Owning our IP versus licensing makes a considerable difference in value.  

I believe that Arcivium for Azure will be a company that Microsoft – or a key teaming partner of Microsoft’s – will want to invest in or acquire.

  1. Data Connect + Detect LLC
    Data Connect + Detect [DC+D] will be a new company that will focus entirely on our agnostic connect and detect solutions.  In the marketplace, DC+D will not be associated with any of our archive companies [i.e. Zantaz EAS, Zovy Cloud, UnBiasIt, Fortified Law Data Resources, or FedCloud Resources].  This is a necessary degree of separation because DC+D must be recognized a resource for all archive solutions.  In fact, I would like to see many of our archive competitors become VARs for DC+D.
  1. FedCloud Resources LLC
    FedCloud Resources will be similar to Arcivium for Azure but in a FedRAMP authorized environment.
  1. c1 Secure LLC
    c1 Secure provides cyber risk management and continuous compliance monitoring.  Our key teaming partner is Service Now.  We are currently launching over 20 apps on the Service Now platform.
  1. c1 Advantage LLC
    c1 Advantage provides IT professional services.  Our key account is GE.  c1 Advantage has been able to successfully introduce our detect solutions to GE.
  1. UnBiasIt LLC
    BPM has worked with PremCloud Resources and Zovy Cloud to develop UnBiasIt.  UnBiasIt utilizes proprietary data management and compliance solutions designed to fully enable an organization to recognize and eliminate inherent bias and misconduct throughout their enterprise – as well as transform their distended data into a resource that can easily and accurately be drawn upon when needed for the critical information governance that is increasingly demanded of every enterprise. 
  2. Fortified Law Data Resources LLC
    Unlike other critical assets, big data presents a unique challenge for law enforcement organizations because it often lacks the identification necessary for proper recognition, storage, and utilization.  Ever-expanding law enforcement data is created and accumulated in massive amounts from an almost endless array of sources, both internal and external [leading to confusion and ownership disputes, as well as contributing to the obfuscation of bias and misconduct].  The inherent disorientation in most law enforcement organizations’ data optic often leads to costly mistakes, compliance violations, and costly litigation. 

FLD Resources will coordinate and provide technologies specifically built for the challenges that law enforcement agencies now face with their escalating demands of data security, archiving, search, access, and sharing.  Fortunately, through PremCloud Resources’ experience in building the first FedRamp Authorized Cloud Platform [ARC-P], FLD Resources’ key 10 Tech infrastructure partners are uniquely prepared to develop a comprehensive data management system based on the CJIS standards as well as any and all other compliance demands.

By managing law enforcement data effectively with our FLD Resources data technologies, we provide our law enforcement customers with a remarkable resource to access, integrate, cleanse, unify, govern, store, secure, and prepare data to unlock its inherent value and maximum utilization.

The key selling points of our FLD Resources product are the fact that our Unified Data Stack is far and away the most robust archiving solution for their data, while our Unified Data Stack Solutions provides the most secure and compliant environment for their data management.  Essentially, FLD Resources is better at data archiving than anyone else, and it is more secure than anyone else.

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