Ron Papa, NFA

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After the incredible job Ron Papa and his team did for us in 2001, I promised him a testimonial, and although I have recommended NFA countless times since then, I never did get around to writing the well-earned testimonial I promised [until now].

In early 2001, Butch called me at 1AM in the morning to tell me that our warehouse was on fire.  When I got to the scene, our Williamsville Volunteer Fire Department had the situation well under control, but we were devastated.  It appeared that our entire inventory was a total loss due to possible smoke damage, and, although we were certain we had adequate insurance coverage, there was no way we would be able to replace our inventory in February [in the consumer electronics industry, the main suppliers all clear their inventory out through the Christmas season and then don’t reload until the Spring].

The first thing I asked Butch to do was contact Ron Papa at NFA.  

Ron had a cleanup crew at the warehouse by 5AM, and he was well on his way to reviewing our coverage and negotiating a settlement for us by the afternoon.  Ron arranged for the forensic fire inspectors from the county, the insurance company, and UPS to be at the site by the next day.  They investigated the scene and tracked the start of the fire to a faulty monitor that UPS had recently installed in our shipping department.  From there, Ron and his team brought it all home.  The warehouse and offices were professionally cleaned, he negotiated a comprehensive settlement with the insurance company, and we had the first part of our settlement check by Thursday afternoon.

That is why Ron Papa is a legend.

National Fire Adjustment Co., Inc. (NFA) is a licensed public adjuster firm, established in 1922 by Bernard J. Papa.  NFA is a 4th generation Public Adjuster firm with headquarters located in Buffalo, New York.

NFA works on behalf of the policyholder, in the event a Business or Residence suffers a loss covered such as Fire, Floods, Hurricanes.  A Public Adjuster advocates for the rights of the policyholder in appraising and negotiating an insurance claim in order to assist their clients in maximizing their insurance policy to receive a hire settlement offer.

National Fire has offices located in:
New York: Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, New York City, Albany, Jamestown, Elmira, Utica, and Potsdam.
Pennsylvania: Erie
Florida: Fort Myers and West Palm Beach
Ontario Canada: Toronto, and Ottawa/Kingston

Ronald J. Papa, President of NFA, joined NFA in 1974 after graduating from Niagara University.  Ron is only one of 74 Public Adjuster in the Nation who hold the title of SPPA (Senior Professional Public Adjuster) which is awarded to public insurance adjusters who have met specific experience and educational requirements, completed a qualifying examination prescribed by a Board of Examiners, and subscribe to a code of ethics for business and professional conduct.  Ron also has taught a number of continuing education classes at Buffalo State College and has consulted NY State government legislation in Albany regarding Insurance regulations on Insurance Companies, FEMA and licensed Public Adjusters.

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