Aaron Levie’s Insight


Please watch this 10 minute video. http://www.inc.com/malachi-leopold/trep-life-building-box-aaron-levie.html?cid=em01014week48c

Aaron Levie was just 20 years old when he co-founded Box.  Today he has raised more than $300 million in funding and serves 20 million global users.  Our FedDROP will be his direct competitor.  Although I generally dismiss tech predators like Gates, Jobs, and Zuckenberg, this kid is really insightful.

He has the usual Silicon Valley rap, but his recognition of what it takes to build a competitive and successful enterprise is remarkable for such a youngster.  Watch the entire 10 minute video a few times and you will have a great understanding of what it takes to build a business.

Brand Online Partnership, Giancarlo’s Boutique Events, Gift Giving Registry, The Beauty Bar, Grivani [corporate gift strategy], iWorldFundraising, The Advantage Catalog, The College Rep Program, Autonomic Resources ARC Oven, and FedDROP are all game-changing entrepreneurial start-ups.

While TW&Co, Bogavia, Modern Luxuri, Piece Apparel, The Pantry, RiOT, Love Pink and Green, LTS, iFUL, Stereo Advantage, Advantage Properties, G8, Advantage Global Network, and Giancarlo’s Dining are all conventional enterprises with unlimited potential.

We have an absolutely incredible mix of opportunities.  I am proud of the eclectic array of businesses we have launched and will continue to develop at the Advantage.

Here is a great accompanying article.  This kid is alert to say the least.  There’s very few people out there who hold my interest like he does. http://www.cnbc.com/id/101229743

Aaron Levie Gets It

“We have to build the best brand,” Levie says, “and we have to develop our site around the enterprise.  If you don’t become the company that rallies developers in the ecosystem, you don’t get to have the network effects.”

“What we’re relying on is that we can build enough traction, get enough of the industry, that we become the de facto platform in enterprise,” he says.  “That gives us a launch-off point into a bunch of other services.  It will be determined in the next year and a half to two years, because the market is adopting this right now.”

“We are the forefront of a really transformative industry,” Levie told his group of new recruits.  “So make sure you’re working as hard as possible to make sure we win.”

“And that’s mostly,” he said, “my last word.”

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