Don’t forget you are a guest, so behave accordingly.

As with nearly all of my posts, this one is especially for my grandkids.

Whether you believe in god and country is of little matter to me. I simply hope you recognize that we are nothing more than a brief guest here in this world – and we should behave accordingly.

No one likes a bad guest.

We all know the bad guest. They take advantage of everything and add little. They expect to be served and satisfied. They are entitled – and they truly believe their existence [or the brief entertainment or service they provide] justifies their insouciance.

On a small scale, they expect it all and provide little. They borrow something and rarely return it in its original condition. They order big and tip small. They drive your car and never fill up the tank. They piss in the well but expect fresh water when they are thirsty. They demand 100% and are aggrieved by anything less. And they always deserve more.

The bottom line is that they expect more than they give.

The common thread with poor guests is that they just don’t get it. They think their bill was somehow overpaid in advance. They have a steadfast belief in their exaggerated self-worth – as if they matter. They fool themselves into thinking they are valuable because they attract, support, and feed off other bad guests. They harbor a secret zest in others’ complaints. They are a nidus.

As long as they have something to complain about, they have the air-cover they need to tear down anything without consequence [to them].

In the big picture, they are more destructive. They are morally superior while always the critic and never the builder. To the bad guest, those in charge are always idiots or corrupt, the accommodations are always substandard, the water is never hot enough, the salmon is never cooked right, the weather never suits them, the service never measures up, and it is always someone else’s fault. Accountability is not their strong suit. It is always someone else who is accountable for their hardship – and their hardships are endless.

They are in no one’s debt because they believe they are always getting less than they deserve. Of course, their host is always distressed by their complaints – knowing the accommodations will never be enough.

Unfortunately, with victimhood now in fashion, it’s getting harder to tell the bad guests from the truly afflicted. But you still know who they are – and it would be a big help to everyone if you told them that they are merely guests here and should start behaving accordingly. And remind them that nothing is free – and nothing is just there for the taking. And then tell them to try not to make a mess – even if they think they are a rock star. We are all getting tired of cleaning up after them.

Of course, it might help if they knew whose guest they really were. Maybe then they would appreciate the accommodations and just how fortunate they are to be staying here for a while. After all, even if fate gives them a late checkout, their stay here will eventually come to an end – and the bill will come due. And they are the only ones who can pay that bill – the host insists.

On the other hand, I have some friends, family, and associates among the most generous guests. The family member who cares, the employee who everyone relies on, the doctor who is tireless in his aide, the business partner who builds and then builds some more, the friend who stands fast, and those that love. They are the ones that don’t just pass thorough but actually make it better. They appreciate life. They are the guests you want in your world, and it’s the guest I am trying to be [knowing full well that I’ve not always been a good guest].

Be big, be a builder. Your host will appreciate it.

The Root Keeps Growing


Originally Posted: January 1, 2017
Last Updated:  April 3, 2022

From the very beginning in 1978, it has been my goal to provide the vision, resources, and confidence necessary for the development of the Advantage Co as a business experience for those willing to take the full measure of the challenge.  This approach has energized our Root Philosophy for over 40 years, and it has been our good fortune to build a number of world-class businesses.

Here is a short list of businesses we have started or helped to start over the years. [170 and counting].  The businesses in italics are partnerships. The businesses in bold are currently operational.  Each one has been visited by success and failure.  Some businesses never really got off the ground, while others have been thriving for decades.  One of these nights I’ll start filling in the stories.   The really good news is that over 50 of the businesses we have helped to launch are thriving enterprises.

All told, we estimate there have been over 8,000 participants in the building of these opportunities.  If you have a backstory for any of them, why not share it with us?  I’ll take the good with the bad [they all have their share].  It is never meant to be easy, but it is always meant to be rewarding.

A man who says he never had a chance is the man who never took one.  Be big, be a builder.

Advantage Co Businesses

  1. Advantage Brands Group
  2. Advantage Catalog
  3. Advantage Computer Co.
  4. Advantage Global Resources
  5. Advantage Home Theater
  6. Advantage Outlet
  7. Advantage Properties
  8. Advantage TI
  9. Advantage Trade Group
  10. Advacovery
  11. Aussie T Co
  12. Bogavia
  13. Brinkley Builders
  14. Chuggs
  15. Computer Head Start
  16. Giancarlo’s Sicilian Steakhouse & Pizzeria
  17. Giancarlo’s Cafe & Patisserie
  18. Gift Giving Registry
  19. Grivani
  20. Grivani Wine Cellar
  21. Grivani Wine [Distributing]
  22. House of Cotton
  23. Forrestel Clothing Co
  24. iFul
  25. iSport
  27. iWorld Shopping Center
  28. King Finley
  29. Lab to Beauty
  30. Leave It To Alison**
  31. Lifetime Service Trust
  32. Love Pink & Green
  33. Luxuri Link
  34. Merwin & Payne
  35. Modern Luxuri
  37. Nantucket Clothing
  38. Naples Properties
  39. Osaka Speakers
  40. PALM Investments
  41. Piece Apparel
  42. Pioneer Home Theater
  43. Pure + Fresh
  44. Scotch Boots of Holland
  45. Smart Car Store
  46. Smart House Cafe**
  47. Smart Squad Design
  48. Smart Squad Install
  49. SmartLinks
  50. Sneaker Advantage
  51. SONY Home Theater
  52. Stereo Advantage
  53. Stereo Advantage [Olean]
  54. JVC Home Theater
  55. Taplin Marketing
  56. Tiny Walker
  57. Touche’
  58. TW Outlet [Niagara Falls]**
  59. TW&Co
  60. Walker Center
  61. Walker Kids Trust
  62. Walker Global Parts
  63. Walker Global Solutions
  64. Wehrle Properties
  65. White Box Services

Advantage Co Partnerships

  1. ABX Professionals
  2. Advantage Business Exchange
  3. Advantage Investment, Development & Oversight
  4. Advantage Legal & Fiduciary
  5. Advantage Marketing & Incentives
  6. Advantage Systems Professionals [now iWorld Professionals]
  7. Advantage Woodshop
  8. American Wireless
  9. AP Charlotte
  10. AP Cincinnati
  11. AP Cleveland
  12. AP Denver
  13. APHQ 
  14. AP Metro**
  15. AP Phoenix
  16. AP Rochester
  17. AP Solutions
  18. AP Syracuse
  19. AP Tampa
  20. AP Washington DC
  21. AP WNY
  22. At Your Service
  23. Aussie Outfitters
  24. Autonomic Resources [sold to CSC]
  25. Beacon Global Resources
  26. Bellus Development
  27. BizHop [support only]
  28. Black Progress Matters
  29. Black Progess Resources
  30. BP Executive Staffing
  31. BPM Minority-Owned Business Incubator
  32. BP College Advisors
  33. BP Executive Networking
  34. Butler Chemical
  35. Cascade Point**
  36. c1 Advantage
  37. c1 Secure
  38. Carolina Clothing Co
  39. Capax Alpha 
  40. Capax Discovery [Zantaz EAS]
  41. Capax Global [sold to Hitachi Data Systems]
  42. Capax India
  43. Capax Resource Management*
  45. Chiampou Travis & Kershner*
  46. Christeus
  47. Cleary & Sullivan
  48. Cleary Travel
  49. Coco by CeCe
  50. Consilium1 
  51. Cross Pointe**
  52. DACKS
  53. Data Detect
  54. Delta Road Properties
  55. Duke Fund**
  56. Fortified Law Data
  57. Free Trade Consultants
  58. Gauntlet Design
  59. Greenview Landscaping*
  60. GRW For Hair
  61. Hudson Walker
  62. Images & Graphics
  63. Inspired Global Resources*
  64. Irwin Lazarus
  65. iWorld Professionals
  66. JALMAR Graphics
  67. JNorman & Co
  68. KATINI Skin
  69. King Finley
  70. Kizer Data Solutions
  71. LeCleanse Officiel
  72. LD World Resources
  73. Manzella Productions [support only]
  74. My Personal Advisor
  75. Mode
  76. One Global Culture
  77. Outback Paging [AdTel Worldwide]
  78. Pacific Data Resources
  79. Panther Data Solutions
  80. Phroket
  81. Pizza Shoppe
  82. PremCloud Resources
  83. Real Properties Services
  84. Sceven
  85. SmartLink [Bailey & Kensington]
  86. SmartLink [Main Place Mall]
  87. Sozae
  88. State of Clean
  89. Stereo Advantage [Phoenix]
  90. Stereo Shops [3 Rochester stores]**
  91. Strategic Finance
  92. Taplin Design
  93. Tony Walker Golf Club [4 locations nationally]
  94. Total Health & Fitness
  95. Trend Depot
  96. TW Charter Stores [92 Aussie Outfitter stores nationally]
  97. UnBiasIt
  98. UnCarbonIt
  99. UGA Capital Ventures
  100. Walker Sports Audit
  101. Wellingtin Resources
  102. White & Co
  103. Wynnovation Labs
  104. Zantaz EAS
  105. Zovy Cloud

Coming Sooner or Later or Never

  1. Ana Blu Mediterranean Kitchen
  2. Arcivium for Azure
  3. 2 Girls 1 Deal
  4. 2×4 Office Anywhere
  5. ApothoClean
  6. Bambini Beauty
  7. Balance Bra
  8. Beach to Beauty
  9. Bedtime Monster SpraY
  10. Christian Coop
  11. Church of the Good
  12. Clean Your Closets For Kids
  13. College Rep Program
  14. CopDrop
  15. The Fantasy League
  16. Fashion Resource Group
  17. FedCloud Resources
  18. FedDrop
  19. FedSecure Data Centers
  20. FedCloud Vault
  21. Franjordalli Gift Giving Registry
  22. Giancarlo’s Boutique Hotel
  23. GoToCloud Express
  24. Greenskeeper Coop
  25. Grivani Golf
  26. iTech Protect
  27. iWorld Auto
  28. iWorld Banking
  29. iWolrd Accounting
  30. Life Source Insurance
  31. Merci 6
  32. Meta Data Stack
  33. OffShore Secure
  34. Scrubs
  35. Walker Global Mergers Acquisitions & Review

* No longer involved in this partnership.
**Ended successfully.

There are three worlds: the one we are given, the one we are stuck with, and the one we bend to our will.

Theodore Roosevelt’s famous Man in the Arena speech.  ‘It is not the critic who counts, not the one who points out how the strong man stumbled or how the doer of deeds might have done them better.  The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred with sweat and dust and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy cause and who, if he fails, at least fails while bearing greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.’