Brand Development Program

Advantage Global Resources Brand Development Program

At the Advantage Co, the development of our backend support services over the past 40 years has positioned us to realize our potential as an easily accessible, cost-effective, and flexible resource for a variety of business operations.  At the core of all our Advantage Co backend support is Advantage Global Resources [AGR].  

Advantage Global Resources provides the essential support apparatus for the origination, design, structure, financing, development, growth, reporting, monitoring, analytics, compliance, security, accounting, and governance of all our businesses and partnerships.

Based on our deliverable expertise, Advantage Global Resources has developed a unique and extraordinary Brand Development Program.  The services that we efficiently deliver to all our businesses and partnerships [i.e. Capax Discovery, c1 Advantage, AP Professionals, ABX, Bogavia, CISO Sentinel, TW&Co, Giancarlo’s, LTS, Stereo Advantage, Grivani Wine Cellar, etc.] are indeed world class, and we are now able to make them readily available through our Brand Development Program to various clients who are looking to effectively and expeditiously launch their own brand [i.e. Carolina Clothing Co, Sozae, JNorman & Co, Christeus, Phroket, SparkIt, etc.].

While venture capitalists and start-up incubators assist in the development, marketing, financing, and launch of a brand, AGR not only provides those highly visible services, but goes well beyond to provide the nuts and bolts of every business, including, as needed, product sourcing, warehousing, and distribution, as well as ecommerce, retail testing, and full accounting and compliance support.

Simply put, our Advantage Global Resources Brand Development Program provides every aspect of brand development and sustainable business activity efficiently and effectively [launched in a matter of days, if necessary].  From creating the desired corporate entity to building the brand to providing full business support, AGR is the complete resource.

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