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Mission Statement:  At Autonomic Resources, we provide the FedRAMP authorized cloud security boundaries for all Federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as the private sector, especially critical industries such as energy, financial, and medical.

Introductory Letter

“The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete, and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards.”  – Professor Gene Spafford, Purdue University

“Our mission is to develop secure cloud solutions that facilitate the specific needs of Federal agencies based on FedRAMP and DISA protocol and certifications.”  – John Keese, Founding Partner

As managing partner of Autonomic Resources, I would like to present for your consideration our incredible Federal Cloud Service Provider opportunity.  Over the past four years, we have dedicated our efforts to building the most resourceful solutions to the demands of the Federal Government’s Cloud First Initiative.  What we have accomplished on a limited budget is unprecedented.  What follows is the remarkable result of our tenacity, dedication, frugality, and ingenuity.  Our story begins with the emergence of cloud computing.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud technologies have transformed the way computing power is bought, sold, and delivered.  Rather than purchasing licenses or hardware, users may now obtain computing power as a service by buying only as much as they need, and only when they need it.  This new business model delivers vast efficiency and cost advantages that have not been lost on the Federal Government.  The enormous potential of cloud computing has prompted the United States Federal Government to look to the cloud as a means of IT infrastructure reorganization and IT budget realignment.  Cloud computing allows a focus on mission-enabling capabilities, rather than maintenance of legacy infrastructures.

In December 2010, the Office of Management and Budget [OMB] issued a Cloud First Strategy for Federal Government computing needs.  Under this policy, government agencies are compelled to use cloud computing resources rather than expensive government-owned data centers to boost computer operations.  This federally mandated strategy required that each agency Chief Information Officer [CIO] fully migrate defined services to a cloud solution by June 2014, and define a roadmap for the implementation of cloud-based solutions moving forward.

What is FedRAMP?

The sensitive nature of the Federal Government’s computing systems and electronic data warrants the highest levels of comprehensive security.  In order to mitigate potential security and control risks, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program [FedRAMP] was created to oversee cloud offerings.  Through the use of a thorough accreditation process, FedRAMP ensures that cloud service providers [CSPs] stay within the important security boundaries as defined by NIST [National Institute of Standards and Technology] and as dictated by government agencies.

The most notable achievement of our remarkable pursuit is our list of security accreditations.  Autonomic Resources, operator of the Autonomic Resources Cloud Platform [ARC-P™], is the only platform accredited by the FedRAMP JAB [Joint AUthorization Board] and Defense Information Systems Agency [DISA] certified-secure CSP for the United States Federal Government and all of its associated agencies and operations.  As a result of this unique certification situation, we hold unprecedented and unrivaled access to the rapidly expanding Federal Cloud Ecosystem.  ARC-P is the preeminent cloud solution created for the Federal Government.

What is ARC-P?

ARC-P™ is our Infrastructure as a Service [IaaS] offering, and it effectively supplies our government clients with raw computing, storage, and networking power.  ARC-P provides an elegant, fully patched, and compliant hosting environment designed to run a variety of application software.  ARC-P utilizes our expertise in open source technologies, allowing us to deliver the most lightweight, reliable application architecture and infrastructure to the Federal Government.  The numerous advantages of open source have made it the gold standard for Federal Government Cloud Computing.

ARC-P supplies elastic computing power, storage, supporting infrastructure, and accelerated application deployment that can be acquired and exploited on demand.  Our government clients can now rapidly utilize certified-secure data center capabilities without the extensive cost and administrative work associated with purchasing and maintaining a data center.

While Autonomic Resources has the capability to produce competitive cloud service offerings, we feel that our intrinsic value is based in the desire of other CSPs to acquire similar government accreditation.  We intend to leverage our prime position and close relationship with FedRAMP to provide first-mover advantage to other CSPs, systems integrators and software providers in the acquisition of a FedRAMP Authority to Operate [ATO].  As the first CSP to be accredited by both FedRAMP and DISA, every software solution provider, data center operator, and systems integrator desiring access to the lucrative Federal Cloud Ecosystem can be confident in our ability to deliver.

In short, we are not simply a cloud service provider – we are a world-class start-up creating unique value for accelerated access to the revolutionary new Federal Cloud Ecosystem.  We invite you to join us on this journey.


Tom Thomson
Managing Partner

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