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Over the past few months, I have been working closely with Tom Thomson and John Keese on the development of our Autonomic Resources partnership.  I have really enjoyed pursuing the opportunities that our ARC Oven has created for us.  It’s opened up a whole new world for me, and I am jumping in with both feet.  It’s Tony 3.0.  We’ll see how it goes.

John and Tom have recently returned from Phoenix where they picked up our award as Red Hat’s Public Sector Small/Medium System Integrator Partner of the Year.  This Red Hat award validates our resourcefulness, and it punctuates the success of our virtuoso pursuit of a strategic platform in this new cloud ecosystem.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 3.14.40 PM

Our Autonomic Resources’ ARC Oven incubates certified products which enable Federal Cloud teaming pursuits, and it also develops new first-to-market businesses for the Federal market.  The ARC Oven produces the certified tools to generate revenue and capture vital ecosystem position for Red Hat [as well as creating new first-to-market business investment opportunities].

A new ecosystem is being developed for cloud service providers in the Federal space, and this new ecosystem will determine and enable the access to the enormous Federal cloud spend for the next decade.  For Red Hat, there is a timely opportunity to not only be the first to market, but to stake out a dominant position in this new ecosystem with the resources the ARC Oven provides.  The total addressable Federal cloud market is the most significant emerging market opportunity that exists today in this new ecosystem, and it is still an unresolved market [URM].

The ARC Oven has earned both FedRAMP and DISA ATO’s based on various Red Hat resources.  We have helped to put Red Hat at the forefront of the certification race.  There have been over well 100 candidates for FedRAMP ATO’s, and they have spent an estimated half a billion dollars on their various pursuits.  Yet, even today, there are still only two successful candidates for the FedRAMP’s fully loaded IaaS ATO.

The ARC Oven continuously delivers FedRAMP and DISA certified cloud platforms and products based on Red Hat resources that are fundamental to Federal Cloud contract acquisition and the Authority-to-Operate (ATO) accreditations required for cloud products to be brought to market for reuse and resale.  This is critical, first inside Federal, and then in commercial markets, as pending cybersecurity legislation extends FedRAMP-like cloud compliance and cyber security standards to industries deemed “critical infrastructure” [Finance, Energy, Healthcare, Aviation, etc].  The potential is limitless.

Autonomic Resources is recognized in the Federal Cloud space for creating a superior set of offerings and for the assistance we provide in building platforms, while delivering deft guidance throughout the arduous accreditation and launch process.

The FAA pursuit is touted as the largest cloud award to date, and Autonomic Resources has helped Red Hat strategically position their place in the offering.  The FAA pursuit, however, is just the start.  As the June, 2014 deadline quickly approaches, the urgency to participate with a fully authorized FedRAMP IaaS will increase significantly [putting us in a position to solidify Red Hat’s strategic – and potentially dominant – position in the new ecosystem].

ARC-WRX PaaS → OpenShift by Red Hat
TXT Integration → Intel TXT chip integration with Red Hat OpenStack
ARC-P 2.0 → Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure (RHCI) including use of Cloud Forms, RHEV, RHOS and integration to OpenShift
ARC-P 2.0 → Cloud Forms integration to AWS, VSphere, ServiceNow, Hitachi Block and Object Storage, EMC Block Storage

The ARC Oven has created three new businesses opportunities with almost limitless potential:,, and ARC Secure Cloud.  In each case, Red Hat is currently slated to be a key resource in their development.  The potential of FedDataCrunch as the first-to-market Big Data Analytics resource for the Federal market is enormous.  We also recognize the value of FedDROP being the first-to-market resource for object storage in the Federal space.  As of now, competitors like DropBox do not have FedRAMP ATO’s.  And, on top of all that, we recognize the significant value of having ARC Secure Cloud’s FedRAMP certified premium storage for SaaS, STaaS, IaaS, and PaaS use in both the Federal and commercial markets.

John Keese
Founding Partner  I  919.840.2727  l
Tom Thomson
Managing Partner  I  585.455.5511  l  l  200 Cascade Pointe Lane  l  Cary, NC 27513

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