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The Third Factor: Genetics, Environment, and Will

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Gnothi Seauton
Gnothi Seauton [Know Thyself] is inscribed in gold letters over the portico of the Temple at Delphi.  Its authorship has been ascribed to Pythagoras and Socrates.  It is prudently at the beginning of every journey. 
Gnothi Seauton means to know, first and foremost, one’s own character.  It is important because only by knowing one’s character can one be aware of one’s limitations and potential.

Posted by:  Tony
Date:  May 26, 2022

Note:  The Advantage Co is not an operating entity, it is simply an informal legacy name that has evolved over 40 years to reference the eclectic mix of independently owned and operated businesses and partnerships that I am involved with in some manner.  Likewise, there is no Tony Walker.  It is also a legacy name that has evolved over the years as my nom de plume, starting with my authorship of The Third Factor [The Advantage Co Handbook]. 

Throughout the handbook, care has been taken to punctuate that the Advantage Co is a portfolio of independently owned and operated businesses.  Any suggestion or inference that employees or participants are actual employees of the Advantage Co is a mistake.  All employees and participants referenced in any way are not employees of the Advantage Co, they are the employees and participants of the independently owned and operated businesses I often refer to as the Advantage Co.

David Ogilvy once said, “If you hire people smaller than you, you will have a company of dwarfs; but, if you hire people bigger than you, you will have a company of giants.”  This is even more true about partners.    

Building Value with the Advantage Co
At the Advantage Co, we build remarkable value for our entire portfolio of independently owned and operated businesses by providing strategic investment and operating guidance.  We work collaboratively to ensure advantageous market positioning, sustainable growth, and, when appropriate, a clear path to exit while producing outstanding, risk-adjusted returns for our clients and stakeholders.   We also advise on a full range of liquidity transactions ranging from early-stage growth capitalization to a minority sale to a majority recapitalization with a financial sponsor, or, when desired, the most advantageous exit.  

With expertise in data management, cloud architecture, software development, professional services, accounting, tax, HR, social benefit, beauty and wellness, and food services, we are uniquely positioned to help produce significant financial returns and meaningful social impact for each of our portfolio companies [along with the fulfillment of their founder’s vision].   

Battery Attached
The key to launching a dynamic partnership starts with being in sync with the founding partner’s ambition.  But the success of any Advantage Co partnership has always been dependent on having a visionary partner who is not only an expert in the business but, most importantly, the battery attached.  

Power is the ability to initiate and sustain action, translating intention into reality – and without the core power that the visionary partner provides, there is no energy source.  

Without the energetic engagement and inspiring leadership of the visionary partner, there is absolutely no chance of success.  As we look back on all of our really successful partnerships, we have been fortunate to have been engaged with several magnetic and energetic partners who understand the basic premise that defines leadership in the Advantage Co’s portfolio of companies: Leadership is the ability to create an environment where people are motivated to give 100% effort toward the desired result.    

Continuos Development & Renewal
The Advantage Co helps to build and support a flexible matrix for each business that enables, encourages, and ensures ongoing paradigm shifts through the simple restructuring of elements providing maximum speed to benefit and market ascendancy.  

Advantage Co  I   Portfolio
At Advantage Co, we learn from the past, live in the present, and build for the future.  The past provides us with precious memories, moments, and a building block for the future.  The present is here to both challenge us and provide enjoyment [and neither meeting the challenge nor enjoying the moment should ever be delayed until tomorrow].  And the future provides us with an opportunity to be all that we can be. 

Although various synergies contribute to our success, all Advantage Co businesses have their own independent destiny – each with their own future to build.   

Advantage Co’ current portfolio of independently owned and operated companies includes six key verticals: Information Technology [UGA], Professional Services, Beauty & Wellness, Social Impact [Black Progress Matters], Properties, and Food & Beverages.  Each vertical provides a variety of opportunities.  Be big, be a builder.

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