TW&Co Update


While Tim is busy hanging new posters in the store, we’re changing things around to keep him guessing about what’s next.

This Monday, we are starting the new Direct Marketing Wholesale Division of TW&Co.  We will be sending out direct mail and direct emails to potential accounts nationwide.  Our initial focus will be the 30k top boutiques in the country.  This is exactly how we started the Stereo Advantage Wholesale Division in 1982.  I believe that it can actually be even more successful this time around because of the availability of our own brands [in addition to a selection of some of the brands we currently carry].  Hopefully, it will be as much fun.  

By the way, I should mention that iFul [the Wholesale Division of the Stereo Advantage], was up almost 40% in Q1, leading the way [along with LTS and Advantage TI] to the largest first quarter increase in the electronics division in over 20 years.  It certainly is the beginning of a new era.  Congratulations to Dej, Jim, Joe, Al, Wes, Mike, Vanessa, Kevin, and everyone at LTS, iFul, and Advantage TI.

Back at TW&Co, we are working on a new layout of the departments as our renovation and expansion continues.  

Right now, I think that Footwear will go upstairs into the space currently occupied by Tiny Walker Kids and be branded from the outside as Sneaker Advantage featuring Fashion, Fitness, and Fit.  Yoga Life will go into Footwear and become Fitness.

Jewelry will stay where it is, but Handbags will come out and the Minkoff wall will come down.  We will then be better able to merchandise and promote our fantastic Jewelry brands without handbags cluttering things up on the back walls.  Jewelry can certainly use the extra space to keep growing,

The current Footwear space will become The Nantucket Shop.  The new Nantucket Shop will include Tiny Walker Kids, the Lily Pulitzer Shop, and the Vera Bradley Shop.

The Yoga space will become Handbags with its own counter and register.  It’s time to give handbags their own department.  It is one of our fastest growing categories.

The register in TW Women’s will move to the jean wall, and B+B will expand into the current Nantucket Room.  We will also be creating our new First Look room for our Cento Club members, as well as creating a new gift wrapping and gift concierge counter.

As always, there’s a lot going on, not the least of which is building the new Stereo Advantage at our Wehrle facility.  The grand opening will be on the Stereo Advantage’s 35th Anniversary, June 6th.

And, as always, we appreciate your support.  When we look at the Advantage through your lens, it makes it all worthwhile.  Thank you.

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