We’ve lost our old friend Minot.

I am sorry that I am in Florida and not able to attend the services for my old friend, Minot.  I have been sitting here thinking about all that he did in his life, and how he did it all with a smile.  The News recap of his multi-faceted career left out the joy he brought to every endeavor.  Of course, they also left out how much fun he had for years charming the old ladies at Youngs Hardware as he posed as the kindly salesman [fortunately, I was able to get him to come clean about the ruse].  There was never a time in the 50 years that I knew him that I didn’t get him to chuckle.

From banking to zoo keeping, he handled some of the biggest egos one could imagine with class and determination.  His style and charm were matched by his integrity and perseverance.  I will miss him.

On top of all of that, he was a great father and an even better grandfather.  It’s been a bad year for all of us when it comes to losing the men that not only charmed us, but led us as well.

Tim, John, Terry, and the entire Ortolani family have my sympathy and condolences.


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