Frank Gaglione: Attorney At Law

For the past 50 years Frank and I have plotted and planned our lives together.  While we often disagreed, we always built together.  The secret sauce in the Advantage success was always Frank Gaglione – while the secret sauce for Frank Gaglione was always our friendship.  We only poured it on when necessary, but we always knew it was there.  It made us bulletproof.  And, as I write this, I know I have lost my shield of armor.  Nevertheless, we will never lose the legacy of Frank if we continue to build on it – and that is my intention.

Frank’s long history of success at Saperston was marred by the inherent difficulties associated with dealing with the “lawyer” mentality of a big firm.  This often insidious mentality was the driving impetus for Frank’s departure – while the Walker Center proved to be the catalyst for the development of his remarkable boutique firm.

Frank’s years of success and enjoyment at the Walker Center punctuate the wisdom of his decision to build a firm he believed in.  And while he never came up short in believing in his abilities as a corporate and trial lawyer, he held the same confidence in his staff.  He was tireless in his belief of their talent, effort, productivity, and, most importantly, their effectiveness.  His office was not only a force to be reckoned with, but also a sanctuary for all who worked there and a safe haven for all who relied on it.

Today, we hope to build on his legacy.  Although the last couple of years were undermined by his diminished health [which never detracted from his enjoyment of a profession he thrived in], Frank never stopped wanting to build and grow.  He never stopped wanting to take care of everyone.

That is the professional Frank – the best litigator of his generation.

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