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Advantage COVID Consulting   I   Services*

Advantage COVID Consulting has brought together a remarkable array of personnel and services to facilitate the rapid response necessary for the full relief and ongoing stimulus of every business and organization negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our response team includes experts in accounting, law, finance, lending, human resources, insurance, compliance, and government regulations.  Here are some of the services* that are immediately available to your business or organization and you:

1.  Instant Information
One of the most critical factors in gaining full relief and ongoing stimulus during this crisis is the ability to gain instant access to vital information.  Our FCC team has access to all of the information that you will need during this crisis, but, more importantly, it will be available to you as part of our rapid response program.

Official Final Version of the CARES Act:

2.  CARES Act Preparedness
Every business and organization can potentially benefit from the wide array of programs, loans, and grants made available for immediate access from the federal government.  Our FCC team will make certain that the documentation necessary for all and any access is properly prepared.  

3.  CARES Act SBA Loan Application
One of the main features of the CARES Act is the SBA loan provision that provides up to $10M in an SBA guaranteed low-interest loan to eligible businesses and organizations.  Our ACC team can help you accelerate the application process by providing you with step by step assistance throughout the entire loan application procedure.

Government Payroll Protection Program Borrower’s Information Sheet:

Borrower’s Application Form:

4.  Emergency Response Ongoing Strategy
As this COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our daily lives and nearly every business and organization, the ACC consulting team will provide you with detailed strategies to meet and satisfy every possible contingency which threatens your business, organization, or you.

5.  CARES Act Loan Forgiveness
One of the key features of the CARES Act is the provision allowing forgiveness of your SBA loan based on certain criteria.  We can assist in your efforts to maximize your eligible forgiveness.  Substantiating any and all claims for forgiveness must be fully documented and available for a full audit.  

6.  Business Interruption Insurance
At this time, NY State is working on a law that would require insurance companies to include business interruption coverage for all of their insured customers.  Our ACC team will help you prepare and apply for your full business interruption coverage.

7.  Stimulus Consulting
The federal government has said that it is just getting started with its stimulus program and that the CARES Act will soon be followed by an even more aggressive stimulus program.

For more information contact Tracy Allen, HR Director, Advantage COVID Consulting at 716.866.6425 or Tracy@theAdvantage.com

* Notice:  Many of the Advantage COVID Consulting services are available pro bono.   Additionally,  nearly all of the ACC services will fall under the forgiveness guidelines of the SBA loan forgiveness program.