My Favorite Things 005

Happy PeopleScreen Shot 2015-11-06 at 3.57.10 PM

For this posting of my favorite things, I was deciding between the morning sun in Naples and happy people.  Happy people won out because no matter where you are happy people make you feel as if the sun is shining on you [while miserable people are a dark cloud that hang over you no matter how bright the sun is shining].

Here in Naples, I get the best of both: I am only around happy people [by choice and design] and the sun shines every day.  I purposely and resolutely choose to only be around positive people, and I avoid miserable people like the plague.  And accessing the rest of the world through Skype shields me from most of the discomfort the world has to offer, but at 62, I’ll take it.  I am more comfortable and certainly more effective.

Joe, Dave, Ron, Dej, and Al are all visiting this weekend; and next week the kids are coming in for my birthday.  And from there we’ll have a steady stream of [happy] friends visiting over the next 6 months.  Life is good.

The good news is that happiness is a choice.  We all know how miserable people can be, and they have a myriad of excuses for their angst, but as Fr. Sturm always told me, if you don’t appreciate the gift of life – you don’t deserve it.

You are alive, so enjoy it.  And if you don’t enjoy life, please stay away from me.  Maybe if we all had that rule, we’d have a lot more happy people in the world.  The joke down here with the grandkids is that papa’s house is the no whine zone – and it works.  Of course it helps that they are happy kids to begin with, but a little reinforcement never hurts.

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