It’s better than the Jerky Boys…





Years ago, when we would go on many of the Friendship Tour golf trips, Butch would pop in a Jerky Boys tape just to drive Gags nuts.  He couldn’t believe Butch found any of it funny.  Yesterday, Butch passed this little gem along and it is pretty funny.

Humor has a very particular taste.  I loved the Larry Sanders Show, but never even chuckled at Seinfeld.  Rodney Dangerfield and Sam Kinison are my all-time favorite stand-up comedians, but Chris Rock’s routine on David Letterman still reigns at the top [for me]: and

Here are some of my other favorites:

Sam Kinison: World Hunger
Bad Hangover
Fat kid on a roller coaster.
Rodney: No class.
Fat, drunk, and stupid.
Tommy Boy: College in 7 years.
Why tiger’s eat their young.

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