Coming Home.






I’ll be coming home Tuesday night.  My only concern is how Larry is going to behave on the flight back.  He’s a little bigger and a little more active than he was as a puppy when we first brought him down here.

Here’s my Top 10 Things To Do while I am home:

  1. Enjoy walking Ariana down the aisle on Saturday.  If there’s anything more enjoyable, I can’t imagine it.  It seems like just yesterday that Al and I were quietly pulling Technics speakers out of her bedroom [our speaker warehouse] in the apartment behind the original shop moments after Peg had invariably just put Ariana down for her nap.  32 years just flew by.
  2. Finalize our construction plans.  We are moving along well.  We should have no problem being ready for Thanksgiving weekend.
  3. Finalize our catalog plans.  This is going to be one of our best catalogs ever.  It will demonstrate to our suppliers, customers, staff, and community all that we are and all that we are capable of delivering.  It will also identify the key players in our success and the role they play.  It is a source of great pride.
  4. Have some live meetings with all of the department managers and staff.  I’ve been on Skype quite a bit, and it will be great to be back live.  Q4 is off to a great start.  I can’t wait to get Al’s newly updated GAP Report on Tuesday.  The UGG Trade-In was not only a record breaker, but it jumpstarted the entire staff.  Dan and Brian had a weekend to remember.  The TW management team is truly turning into the force I was confident they would be.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone with that look of success on their face.
  5. Work on our advertising strategy for Q4.
  6. Launch Gift Giving Registry and RiOT Clothing.
  7. Work with Jim and Bob to develop the new Stereo Advantage program for retail sales.
  8. Hire up.  We need a lot of help to build all that we are capable of building.
  9. Lay the foundation for a new G8 partnership to develop our 8A and IaaS opportunities.
  10. Have some Giancarlo’s Giuseppe pizza and a big meatball with pasta, and spend some time with my nephew, Frank.

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