The 2015 Advantage Catalog

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.11.19 PM

We’ve been putting together our annual catalog for 20 years now, and this year’s edition is one of my favorites; it is also our biggest ever – coming in at 360 pages.  Jamie Welsted has been the Art Director for all 20 editions, and this year’s catalog was developed by our Catalog Publisher, Joe Kontrabecki [who just happened to be providing the same magic for the very first catalog 20 years ago].  They were joined by Emily Donnelly, our Catalog Director, and Frank Gaglione, our Chief Photographer [who once again flew in from San Francisco for a couple of weeks to shoot some amazing photos].  But putting a catalog like this together calls on more than just a few dedicated designers, and we had a whole host of talented and tireless contributors this year [you will recognize them throughout the catalog].

What makes our catalog special, as always, is the people – and everyone you see in the catalog is part of the Advantage Experience.  Our customers, staff, partners, affiliates, and suppliers all contribute.  The photo sessions are more fun than you can imagine, and our newest photographer, Brianna DeJoy, picked up quite a bit working with Frank.

Although this year’s catalog is a little bit less provocative than last year’s, we always get a kick out of the outrage some of the photos of our staff and customers engenders.  We’ve already had the cover called ‘shameful,’ so if you take exception to it, you’ll have to get  your thesaurus out to come up with something a little more original.

Doing anything well for 20 years feels good, and the catalog always makes me feel good.  Actually, there was one that didn’t really … but let’s not go there.

Check it out and let me know what you think:

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