The Cento Bazaar Room

That’s not my Tumblr picture that got posted last night on my Facebook page.  Sorry.  I am trying to start a Tumblr blog, but I am still learning the settings, etc.  I was looking for a shot of great legs for our Cento Bazaar footwear wall, and I found a Tumblr picture I thought I could crop the legs out of.  I guess the cropping didn’t make it.  So it goes.

Regardless, I am coming home for the Grand Opening of the Cento Bazaar Room tomorrow night.  It’s a room built exclusively for our Cento Club members, and it will feature off-season product at 30% off all the time for members only.

I’ll post some pictures on my Tumblr blog when the room is done [and I figure Tumblr out].


Is this picture a little too much for the room?


By the way, I heard the news about Reggie Witherspoon last night.  Winters in Buffalo where always more fun while watching Kwitch and him work the sidelines from the court side seats Pam talked me into.  UB Basketball will not be the same without those guys.  They exemplified everything that is right in college sports.


I know a few of the guys that played for them, and their successful after-college-careers are due, in large part, to the mentoring Reggie and Kwitch provided.

Along with Coach Schintz, Sweet Home has given us the very best of basketball coaches.  It’s a group of guys that really understood the game and life – and provided the perfect balance.  They are all missed [although I’ve been hearing some rumors that Schintz is itching to get back at it – of course, right now, the twins are keeping him busy – and he’s loving every minute of it].


I’m sure it won’t be long until we see them all back on the court they love.  Until then they will be missed.

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