Ariana and Sam’s Wedding.

We had a beautiful wedding Saturday night at Giancarlo’s [along with a wonderful wedding brunch Sunday afternoon].  Ariana and Sam are off to a great start.  Other than forgetting Sam’s ring [which was quickly retrieved from the car], the ceremony was whimsical and deftly handled by Judge Carney and Sam’s best man, Paul.

Anthony and Gabriela did a superb job hosting the event, while Alison provided an entertaining and heartfelt toast as Maid of Honor.  I am proud of all my children, and last night Ariana elegantly demonstrated what it means to be the older sister.  She was as poised as she was beautiful, and her happiness radiated throughout the room.  Sam matched Ariana’s elegance with a charm and strength that will hold them in good stead for a life of growth and sharing.

Ariana and I danced to the song that was her special song growing up.  She truly was the magical older sister, and Carly Simon captures it all in this delightful tune.

It is the circle of life, and no one enjoys it more than me.  I’ve been fortunate to have had a wonderful childhood, a remarkable career, lasting friendships, and, most of all, a beautiful energetic family [and even more fortunate to have my granddaughter Francesca].   With a grandson on the way, I got the world on a string.

I’ve Got the World On a String

One morning when Ariana was a little more wild than she is today [it’s hard to believe it’s the same girl] we woke her up to what became her unauthorized and unappreciated theme song:  I Love the Nightlife.

For father and daughter, there’s no better time than the moments before the walk down the aisle.

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