Another Summer Slips Away

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 10.00.10 PM

The summer of 2017 came to a close with Hurricane Irma ripping through Naples, and along with the catastrophic damage it left in its wake, it also took its toll on our house.  Fortunately, we had our generator keeping the power on.  The house became a safe haven for several friends, and they were a big help in piecing it back together.  We’ll be heading down south next week, and we’ll see how far along the remediation has progressed.  Amanda has done a remarkable job having everyone engaged, so I’m pretty confident that we’ll be all set.

Other than that, it was a great summer with the highlight being Gabriela and Brendan’s wedding.  Giancarlo’s did an incredible job transforming the house and tennis court into a magical wedding venue, and it was a perfect summer night to spend with friends and family.

Over at the Walker Center, we have had quite a bit going on since Memorial Day.  We started things off with the opening of our new Grivani Cafe’ & Bakery [a solid contributor to the pounds I put on].  And we hit our high note with Bogavia and Pure+Fresh being featured at the grand opening of the newest Whole Foods Market.

The Walker Center also become the international headquarters for Capax Discovery.  Peter Mellett [and his whole family] moved from South Africa to take over Capax Discovery Development & Support, JJ Contessa moved from Connecticut to take over Capax International Marketing & Sales, and Mike McGrath moved emotionally from being the Advantage Co CFO to taking over Capax Resources HQ as our Chief Performance Officer.  Capax Discovery has become our main business, and it is certainly what I spend the majority of my time on.

This summer we also launched Inspired Global Resources with Jason Bird and Jeff Wynn.

All in all, it was another great summer in Williamsville.  It went fast, and as much as I am going to miss Monday night dinners with the kids and earning a few bucks every Thursday at Brookfield, I can’t wait to get back to Naples.  I hope you get a chance to come and visit us this winter.  We’ll be looking forward to it.


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