Brand Development Program

Advantage Global Resources Brand Development Program

At the Advantage Co, the development of our backend support services over the past 40 years has positioned us to realize our potential as an easily accessible, cost-effective, and flexible resource for a variety of business operations.  At the core of all our Advantage Co backend support is Advantage Global Resources [AGR].  

Advantage Global Resources provides the essential support apparatus for the origination, design, structure, financing, development, growth, reporting, monitoring, analytics, compliance, security, accounting, and governance of all our businesses and partnerships.

Based on our deliverable expertise, Advantage Global Resources has developed a unique and extraordinary Brand Development Program.  The services that we efficiently deliver to all our businesses and partnerships [i.e. Capax Discovery, c1 Advantage, AP Professionals, ABX, Bogavia, CISO Sentinel, TW&Co, Giancarlo’s, LTS, Stereo Advantage, Grivani Wine Cellar, etc.] are indeed world class, and we are now able to make them readily available through our Brand Development Program to various clients who are looking to effectively and expeditiously launch their own brand [i.e. Carolina Clothing Co, Sozae, JNorman & Co, Christeus, Phroket, SparkIt, etc.].

While venture capitalists and start-up incubators assist in the development, marketing, financing, and launch of a brand, AGR not only provides those highly visible services, but goes well beyond to provide the nuts and bolts of every business, including, as needed, product sourcing, warehousing, and distribution, as well as ecommerce, retail testing, and full accounting and compliance support.

Simply put, our Advantage Global Resources Brand Development Program provides every aspect of brand development and sustainable business activity efficiently and effectively [launched in a matter of days, if necessary].  From creating the desired corporate entity to building the brand to providing full business support, AGR is the complete resource.

The Root Keeps Growing


Here is a short list of businesses we have started or helped to start.  136 and counting.  The businesses in bold are currently operational.  The businesses in italics are partnerships.  Each one has been visited by success and failure.  One of these nights I’ll start filling in the stories.  

All told, we estimate there have been over 8,000 participants in the building of these opportunities.  If you have a backstory for any of them, why not share it with us?  I’ll take the good with the bad [they all have their share].  It is never meant to be easy, but it is always meant to be enjoyable.

A man who says he never had a chance is the man who never took one.  Be big, be a builder.

Advantage Co Businesses

  1. Advantage Brands
  2. Advantage Catalog
  3. Advantage Computer Co.
  4. Advantage Global Management
  5. Advantage Home Theater
  6. Advantage Outlet
  7. Advantage Properties
  8. Advantage TI
  9. Advantage Trade Group
  10. Aussie T Co
  11. Bogavia
  12. Brinkley Builders
  13. Chuggs
  14. Computer Head Start
  15. Giancarlo’s
  16. Grivani
  17. Grivani Cafe & Patisserie
  18. Grivani Wine Cellar
  19. Grivani Wine [Distributing]
  20. House of Cotton
  21. Forrestel Clothing Co
  22. iFul
  23. iSport
  25. Leave It To Alison**
  26. Lifetime Service
  27. Love Pink & Green
  28. Luxuri Link
  29. Merwin & Payne
  30. Modern Luxuri
  31. MyWarehouse.Live
  32. Nantucket Clothing
  33. Naples Properties
  34. Osaka Speakers
  35. PALM Investments
  36. Piece Apparel
  37. Pioneer Home Theater
  38. Pure + Fresh
  39. Scotch Boots of Holland
  40. Smart Car Store
  41. Smart House Cafe**
  42. Smart Squad Design
  43. Smart Squad Install
  44. SmartLinks
  45. Sneaker Advantage
  46. SONY Home Theater
  47. Sporbit
  48. Stereo Advantage [Olean]
  49. JVC Home Theater
  50. Taplin Marketing
  51. The Warren Fund
  52. Tiny Walker
  53. Touche’
  54. TW Outlet [Niagara Falls]**
  55. TW&Co
  56. Walker Center
  57. Walker Kids Trust
  58. Walker Global Solutions
  59. Walker Stock Exchange
  60. Wehrle Properties
  61. White Box Services

Advantage Co Partnerships

  1. ABX Professionals
  2. Advantage Business Exchange
  3. Advantage Marketing & Incentives
  4. Advantage Professionals**
  5. Advantage Systems Professionals**
  6. Advantage Woodshop
  7. American Wireless
  8. AP Charlotte
  9. AP Cincinnati
  10. AP Cleveland
  11. AP Denver
  12. APHQ
  13. AP Metro**
  14. AP Phoenix
  15. AP Rochester
  16. AP Solutions**
  17. AP Syracuse
  18. AP Tampa
  19. AP Washington DC
  20. At Your Service
  21. Aussie Outfitters
  22. Autonomic Resources**
  23. Bellus Development
  24. BizHop [support only]
  25. Butler Chemical
  26. Cascade Point**
  27. c1 Advantage
  28. c1 Secure
  29. Carolina Clothing Co
  30. Capax Alpha
  31. Capax Discovery
  32. Capax Global
  33. Capax India
  34. Capax Resource Management
  35. Chiampou Travis & Kershner*
  36. Cleary & Sullivan
  37. Cleary Travel
  38. Consilium1**
  39. Cross Pointe**
  40. Delta Road Properties
  41. Duke Fund**
  42. FedDrop
  43. FedSecure Data Centers
  44. Free Trade Consultants
  45. Gauntlet Design
  46. Greenview Landscaping*
  47. Hudson Walker
  48. Images & Graphics
  49. Inspired Global Resources
  50. Inspired Global Staffing
  51. Irwin Lazarus
  52. iWorld Professionals
  53. iWorld Resources
  54. JALMAR Graphics
  55. LD World Resources
  56. Manzella Productions [support only]
  57. My Personal Advisor
  58. Outback Paging [AdTel Worldwide]
  59. Pizza Shoppe
  60. Real Properties Services
  61. Sceven
  62. SmartLink [Bailey & Kensington]
  63. SmartLink [Main Place Mall]
  64. Sozae
  65. SparkIt
  66. Stereo Advantage [Phoenix]
  67. Stereo Shops [3 Rochester stores]**
  68. Strategic Finance
  69. Taplin Design
  70. Tony Walker Golf Club [4 locations nationally]
  71. Total Health & Fitness
  72. Trend Depot
  73. TW Charter Stores [92 Aussie Outfitter stores nationally]
  74. Wellingtin Resources
  75. White & Co

Coming Soon

  1. ABX Naples
  2. Advacovery
  3. 2 Girls 1 Deal
  4. Advantage Gallery
  5. Advantage Legal
  6. Advantage Personality Profiling
  7. Al Marie Cosmetics
  8. ApothoClean
  9. Balance Bra
  10. Cannabis Cargo
  11. Cento Club Boutique Hotel
  12. Christeus
  13. Christian Coop
  14. Church of the Good
  15. Fashion Resource Group
  16. FedCloud Vault
  17. Florida College Connection
  18. Giancarlo’s Grove
  19. Gift Giving Registry
  20. GoToCloud Express
  21. Greenskeeper Coop
  22. Grivani Golf
  23. iTech Protect
  24. iWorld Auto
  25. iWorld Staffing
  26. Life Source Insurance
  27. OffShore Secure
  28. Phroket
  29. Scrubs
  30. Walker Global Mergers Acquisitions & Review
  31. Walker Global Parts
  32. Walker Sports Audit
  33. Wynnovation Labs

* No longer involved in this partnership.

**Ended successfully.

There are three worlds: the one we are given, the one we are stuck with, and the one we bend to our will.

Theodore Roosevelt’s famous Man in the Arena speech.  ‘It is not the critic who counts, not the one who points out how the strong man stumbled or how the doer of deeds might have done them better.  The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred with sweat and dust and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worthy cause and who, if he fails, at least fails while bearing greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.’

That’s the way I remember it.

I remain suspicious of my memory.  I know it plays tricks on me, which I don’t mind, but I’d like to know just how distorted it has all become.  What was once contentious, now appears farcical.  And what was once troubling, now appears amusing.  That’s all good, and what’s even better is that what was once delightful is now even more so.

I did a little research, and it appears that it’s only natural to remember things more fondly.  Knowing that, I am bothered ever more by people who are still holding on to a grudge,  slight, or animosity from so long ago.  The best advice in life is to let it go.

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 10.58.17 PM.png

As 2016 comes to a close, my short term memory conjures up a year that rivals the past, and, in many ways, exceeds even the best of my memories.  The kids are all doing great, our businesses get more fascinating and global ever year, my friends are as enjoyable as ever, and life in Naples is almost surreal.  And as I pack to leave 85 and sunny for 25 and snowy, I’m definitely looking forward to it.  I’ll see you at Giancarlo’s by my table next to the wood-fired pizza oven.

Yes, it is all – if to be believed – phantasmagorical.  And it is.



Capax Discovery 2.0

Welcome to the new Capax Discovery.  Our commitment to providing reliable enterprise archive solutions began years ago, but the past two years have proved to be the most remarkable time in the development of our company into the acknowledged world leader for comprehensive and secure information insight platforms.  While our two premier products, Capax Archive Solutions and Zovy Archive Solutions, have recently been recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, they have, more importantly, earned their stature in the marketplace as the most advanced on-premise and hosted enterprise archiving solutions respectively …  and this is just the beginning of the new Capax Discovery story.

We have now successfully partnered with HPE, Microsoft, ownCloud, CISO Sentinel, and other best of class resources to create the most technologically advanced and secure archiving solutions that offer seamless compatibility with the most widely used platforms.  And, as always, we continue to provide custom software development, systems integration, adaptive machine learning for advanced eDiscovery, and much more.  We are now, more than ever, the most comprehensive information insight, governance, and security solution.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 11.18.14 PM.png

Starting with the development of our new Capax Archive Solutions in October of 2014, Capax Discovery now features three strategic divisions dedicated to providing industry leading software solutions bundled with the best technical support, consulting, and training for information governance, security, and compliance.  The three new divisions of Capax Discovery are:

  1. Capax Archive Solutions [CAS].  Built on the EAS platform by our software development experts, our new enhanced archiving solution is now recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.  Capax Archive Solutions is the acknowledged leader in on-premise and hybrid archiving solutions for enterprise customers who demand the most secure and flexible archiving and eDiscovery resource.

    And when it comes to providing our world class solutions, the deciding factor in their efficacy relies on the contribution of the engineering, professional services, maintenance, and support teams that assure secure and reliable performance.  Capax Maintenance & Support answers the call for all of our customers’ needs with a speed to performance that exceeds all industry standards.  
  2. Zovy Archive Solutions [ZAS].  Built on the HPCA platform by our Zovy development team, our new cloud archiving solution is the leader in managed, hosted, and cloud archiving solutions for enterprise customers who demand the most secure and flexible archiving and eDiscovery resource without the demands of expensive infrastructure capitalization.
  3. Sceven.  Our guarantee that Capax Archive Solutions and Zovy Archive Solutions will remain the industry leaders in information insight and governance is being fulfilled by a worldwide team of software development experts that have demonstrated their ability to engineer state of the art product performance ahead of schedule and in sync with our commitment to our customers.  

In addition to the development of our 3 new divisions, we have also partnered with CISO Sentinel to ensure that we provide the most secure solutions available today.  CISO Sentinel was the first solution to be awarded the FedRAMP ATO for secure continuous monitoring.  They are the foremost experts in the world when it comes to meeting the exacting NIST and DISA regulatory standards for information governance and cybersecurity.  We are privileged to be the exclusive provider of this most sought after security component, as well as proud to have CISO Sentinel available for all of our products.

We welcome all of our current and future customers to the new Capax Discovery.  For more information on how we can help you to more effectively and securely utilize all of our solutions, services, and products – please contact our Director of International Sales, JJ Contessa, at  Thank you.

Bravado Isn’t Confidence


Comment:  I received some great feedback on this post.  The best discussion revolved around how a con-man’s bravado is often mistaken for competency.  Of course, this led some to assume that I was commenting on The Donald, but I refrain from politics or religion.

Regardless, one point I was hoping to make [and didn’t get around to] was that I prefer insecure-competency to confident-incompetency.  I have often worked with people that were apprehensive about what they were producing, only to be amazed by the quality and inventiveness of their work; while all too often I have been misled by someone’s false bravado about what they were capable of producing, only to be dismayed by their incompetence.

Mistaking bravado for competency is core to the success of the ‘style over substance’ dynamic that our celebrity culture promotes and overwhelms us with.  It has permeated everything to some extent, and it is a rare occasion now when the hype is matched by the performance.

Every once in a while, however, a person or product truly amazes me by exceeding the hype.  Our new Dyson vacuum cleaner might make that list.  One item I would definitely include is the first strip steak Anthony made for me this summer with their new Sous Vide cooker.  He promised me the best steak I ever had – and it exceeded my expectations.

The first time I can recall the performance exceeding the hype was when I was a kid in the sixties.  My dad had a sample of the first SuperBall.  He told me they claimed it bounced higher than any ball EVER!  He handed it over – I threw it down – and I couldn’t believe how high it actually bounced.  It seemed to defy gravity.  To this day, I carry around a superball.

Maybe that will make for a good topic?  I’ll try to list all the people, places, things, and claims that exceed the hype.  I’m sure you have your own list.  A list of disappointments could be even more fun.  You’re going to love it … I guarantee it!